Hills often feature in my work.  I like the shapes they make against the sky, particularly when they're topped by wind-swept trees. Here the hill is near a beach and reminds me of the dune coastline of Liverpool Bay and of the Gower.


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  1. Jessica Collins avatar
    Jessica Collins Jul 20, 2012

    Beautiful,beautiful work

  2. Monica Macdonald Ralph avatar
    Monica Macdonald Ralph Jul 21, 2012

    Thank you so much…it’s uplifting to hear such positive feedback

  3. M. Cadwallader avatar
    M. Cadwallader Jun 9, 2015

    I recently bought two of your works I believe are Aquatints. Very beautiful small pieces which led me to research more details of the process you use.
    So both enjoyable works of art and educational, many thanks.

  4. Monica Macdonald Ralph avatar
    Monica Macdonald Ralph Jun 10, 2015

    Thank you…that’s really pleasing.  Aquatint enables me to create so many different marks and effects.  Apart from combining fine and coarse aquatint for their different textures I use a wide range of ‘tools’ and materials to protect some parts of the aquatinted plate from acid and to expose other areas. These include varnish, litho crayons, fabric, grasses and seaweed!  Perhaps you should have a go at etching yourself…