I'll be showing my work again at the London Affordable Art Show in Battersea Park in October. If you're planning a visit then do please visit the bip-Art Printmaking stand where I'll be showing my etchings.  You'll find an exciting range of original prints by members of the Brighton Workshop.  

  1. Julie Darling avatar
    Julie Darling Jul 20, 2012

    I am coming back to etching after 30 years - always loved it but had no time, or facilities. Just dipping my toe in .. and found your website which is so inspiring. Love the light,the vibrancy,the colours, texture - especially since your work seems to express some of my own sense of connection with the natural world. Thank you. Julie Darling

  2. Monica Macdonald Ralph avatar
    Monica Macdonald Ralph Jul 21, 2012

    I’m glad you’re coming back to etching and I’m really glad my website has helped and that my work chimes with your own experience.  I hope you enjoy experimenting and that etching proves to be your medium.  All best wishes - Monica